You work hard to grow your business. Tim Peter & Associates can help. Tim's proven process helps your business analyze, anticipate and adapt to your customers' changing online behaviors. Our focus includes all facets of e-commerce and internet marketing strategy, including:

  • Website Optimization — Is your website designed in a way that makes it easy for both you and your customer to accomplish their goals? Tim Peter & Associates uses analytics data and heuristic evaluation to determine the right pages on your site to enhance, then works to help you execute that plan.
  • Content strategy — Do you have the right content to answer your customers’ questions? Is your content structured correctly to attract search engines and inbound links alike (i.e., SEO)? Does your content management system make it easy and economical for you to update your content to meet these needs?
  • Channel management / distribution strategy — Are you using all available marketing and distribution channels — including third-party sales channels and search engine marketing — to reach your best customers at your lowest cost without cannibalizing existing high-yield business? Have you maximized and optimized your online sales channels?
  • Analytics — Do you have the right metrics and measures in place to answer the question of how well your sales and marketing activities — online and offline — are working? What are your most effective sales and marketing channels? Whether it’s server log analysis, cookie-based systems or back-end financial reporting, Tim Peter & Associates helps you develop the right measures to keep your team focused on the right results.
  • Training — What happens to your team going forward? Tim Peter & Associates offers world-class training methods as well as “just-in-time” training tools to reinforce your learnings in the real world.

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