Still can't find the best speaker for your event? Why not offer someone who can entertain, educate and enlighten your attendees? Someone who will engage your audience with compelling stories that are relevant to the topic and to your attendees' interests? Someone who has generated more than $2 billion through innovative online sales and marketing activities and has the information your audience can use?

“Tim Peter is an exceptional speaker who offers valuable knowledge and insightful ideas on how businesses can best market themselves online. Tim delivered his presentation in a very enjoyable manner, and connected with our customers by providing key takeaways they could implement upon returning to their facilities. Both our staff and conference attendees raved about his presentation; Tim’s session was a definite highlight of our event.”

—Harry Ipema, CEO, Fore! Reservations, Inc.

Tim Peter is an experienced marketer and an accomplished speaker who has the real-world experience and the ability to stimulate your attendees with funny stories and practical advice.

“Awesome and insightful ideas. Really inspired me.”

—Recent keynote attendee

Who has benefited from Tim's insights? Audiences and organizations such as:

  • Elavon
  • The Luxury Marketing Council
  • Cornell University
  • Rutgers University
  • The National Golf Course Owner's Association
  • TravelCom
  • The Internet Strategy Forum

Why not have Tim speak at your next event?

Whether you're a sales & marketing conference, a technology confab or a strategic forum, ensure your audience will get their money's worth.

"Mr. Peter is excellent - he presents information in an enthusiastic, refreshing way."

—Recent seminar attendee

Topics Tim has presented include:

  • The High Cost of Ignoring Value: Price Transparency in a Connected Age
  • It's All Coming Together: What The Changing Customer Means for Marketing and E-commerce
  • Building Brands Online in the Age of Search
  • All Marketing is Social: Building a Social Media Strategy that Supports Your Brand and Your Business
  • It's All E-commerce: How the Social, Local, Mobile Web Affects Sales Online and Offline

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